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In this section you will find legal news, articles and investigations of a legal nature that are very relevant to our clients. You can also access our newsletters and our participation in talks, conferences and events at home and abroad.

Talks, interviews and events
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Talk at the London School of Economics

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Round Table on Technology and Competition

Freshfields interviews Mr. Ferreyra Romea on Volunteering Activities
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Webinar on Competition law
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Webinar on Contracts in times of crisis
Article published in the press on letting agreements
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Strategic alliance between Argentina and China
Law articles
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Obligations to give money in foreign currency

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How to prepare a virtual corporate meeting


Rental Increase Freeze and Covid-19


Impact of well-known brands on your business


Leniency in Competition law


Multi-jurisditional mergers and remedies

General report of the trustee in bankruptcy proceedings


Covid-19 and entrepreneurs

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Foreign Investment rules in Argentina and in China

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Artificial Intelligence and credit rating agencies

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Economic policy and Competition law

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Tmes of change in Competition Law


Anticompetitive Cooperation agreements


Legal aspects of virtual corporate meetings


Coronavirus and Contracts

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Competition in the credit rating agency market

Merger control in Argentina


Challenges of Competition law in Argentina